On the Issues

Craig Bowden has a Vision to Help Restore America

Craig Bowden has been very involved in the recent events of American politcs.  He has been an outspoken voice calling for the investigation into the Benghazi Consulate attack, opposing gun control, calling for the impeachment of government officials, and on the local level advocating against United Nations Agenda 21 and calling for Utah to not adopt Common Core.

Key Themes for Craig’s Term in Office When Elected

 Craig Bowden is all about returning our nation to its roots in the US Constitution. He has many conservative ideals, and those listed below are only the tip of the iceberg of what Craig will fight for on behalf of Utah and the American people.

  • Strong Second Amendment supporter. Opposed to Gun Control. [read more]
  • Election and Campaign Finance Reform. 
  • Repeal of the PATRIOT Act, investigate the NSA for data mining, reforming Homeland security protocols to ensure 4th Amendment is not violated.
  • Abolish the TSA (replace with private security at airports)
  • Repeal of the 17th Amendment, returning Senate elections to the state instead of popular vote. [read more]
  • Comprehensive Immigration Solutions. [read more]
  • As a veteran, advocate for other veterans & military benefits, specifically streamlining the process for veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury, as it is the most common injury from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.
  • Will move to limit US military involvement overseas.
  • Department wide spending audit (combatting the $500 hammer/$100 toilet seat).
  • Audit of the Federal Reserve.
  • Will propose to lower debt, cut spending.
  • Will propose and support balanced budget, including a debt reduction plan.
  • Will propose Tax Reform, including a fair tax and removal of IRS.
  • Will move to reform welfare/entitlements.
  • Will fight to keep federal government out of Utah lands, returning state control.
  • Opposes Common Core.
  • Will oppose foreign aid to countries hostile to US interests.
  • Opposes “Obamacare.” Will move to defund and then repeal. [See letter pledge]
  • Limited government, fiscal responsibility, taking care of America first.

For more specific information, you can also subscribe to Marine Vet For Freedom and follow Craig’s posts on some of the most important issues facing the nation.  Here he posts the specifics of his plans to help Resore America.


  • Member of the National Rifle Association
  • Member of the National Association of Gun Rights
  • Member of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America
  • Member of the 9/12 Project
  • Tea Party affiliations
  • Self proclaimed oath keeper (no affiliation with actual group)