About Craig

About Craig Bowden

I was born to a loving family, the oldest of five children, in Ogden, Utah. I was very lucky to have been raised in a two parent household all my life, and my parents to this day are still together; almost 30 years! I try to model my own life after what I learned from observing them, after all, they must be doing something right.

I have worked since I was eleven years old. I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. We were well enough off, but not rich by any means. As a matter of fact, I started my life out in a trailer park. Everything I wanted outside of what my parents were willing to provide I had to pay for myself. This instilled in me a sense of fiscal responsibility, saving, and balancing my check book (which I have had since the age of 15).

I started low of the low, and earned by the sweat of my brow. I started with a paper route and mowing laws in the summer, shoveling driveways in the winter, raking leaves in the fall. As an eleven year old I was pulling in around 3,000 a year, which isn’t bad for a kid. This work ethic stuck with me, and I continued through the variety of jobs I held. I have been a fast food worker, a janitor, done production work, warehousing, tax examination, retail, you name it. I have done quite a lot.

I am studying at Weber State University for my Bachelors in Criminal Justice, with a minor in History (emphasis on US History). The history comes from my dad. He taught me about politics and American heritage for as long as I can remember.

I am a pastor for a church I started in 2008 when I heard God’s calling. I try to hold sermons and prayer groups as often as I am able, but mostly for now it is online writing, just due to my family life. But I do put God’s message out there whenever I feel I must write something in defense and support of my Christian faith and values.

I also served about seven and half years in the United States Marine Corps. I exited the service with an Honorable Discharge in 2010. I served as a machine gunner for a heavy weapons company in Iraq, completing two deployments in combat. I led a fire team on my second deployment, so I have come to the direct knowledge of the cost of making a combat decision.

While in the Marines I was also selected to help develop new training ranges and methods for future units deploying to fight in the War on Terror. I did my best and helped to create a brand new training program on my base in Twentynine Palms, CA. I know my name is not attached to this, since I was only a low ranking individual at the time, but I did not need my name attached to know I helped make a difference.

My final unit was with a Light Armored Recon Company in Utah, as a reservist. I helped train the scouts of the unit to become a successful fighting force in Afghanistan. A knee injury prevented me from deploying with the unit, but I know that I was able to help impact their success in combat operations in the Helmand Province.

I am also a father. I have two wonderful sons, Caleb and Conner. They are my pride and joy, wanting to grow up to become Marines like their dad. I also have an infant daughter, Kenzie. She is my beautiful baby girl. I have also taken on two step sons, Evan and Brandon. The boys are a handful but I love them like my own.

I also have been lucky enough to find the love of my life, Elizabeth. She is an amazing woman, and helps keep me on track with what is important in life. She is one of the most patriotic women I have ever known, and has been so supportive of me in my life. I love her very dearly.

I have been involved in political writing since I was about twelve years old, my first editorial being on the gun control issue during President Clinton’s administration. As we know, he was pretty hard on the gun issue, and I was not about to have it. I recognized early that there was something wrong with the picture, and my dad helped me find the resources to get out there and start writing. I have not stopped since.

I currently operate a small business in North Ogden where I live.  I sell outdoor gear, and teach firearms safety & shooting instruction.  I also wrote two books: Common Sense: How to Restore America and Warrior Poet.  I continue to write books and political commentary.